Meditation PWA

PWA Jun 11, 2020

Meditation PWA

Where does happiness come from?

There may be happiness that comes from outside, but true happiness comes from inside like a scent of flower.

Happiness does not come from abundance but from little things.
If I can feel gratitude or tranquil joy from small things, that is happiness.

Rather than depending on the convenience of civilization, on a still night, turn off the TV and light up a candle. Although I’m not in the mountains, I may feel a similar tranquility.

Drink a cup of tea over a pleasant conversation with family or friend; I'll be able to sense the fragrance of life.

Sometimes put down the telephone and close the newspaper, and sit down facing the wall. And ask myself, who am I?

In such self-examination, I can witness the root of life. If I can detach myself from the convenience of civilization even for just a brief time each day, and have a time of self-examination, my quality of life will change.

Extract from “Happiness to All Beings” - collection of aphorisms by 법정 큰스님

I built this one for my personal use, but I wanted to put it out there in case some may find a use for it.

Meditation PWA

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