Dog Potty Tracker PWA

PWA May 23, 2020

Dog Potty Tracker

About half a year ago, my wife and I welcomed Coco, the most adorable puppy in our eyes 😆 I had never raised ANY pet before and my wife had a dog growing up but wasn't quite sure how best to train Coco.

After watching some YouTube videos we found, we trained Coco to use the pee pad. We would praise and reward Coco whenever he takes a pee or poo on the pad. He quickly got the hang of it, and we were a proud parent 😀

But then when we started taking him out for walks, we noticed that Coco would never pee or poo outdoors, not even once! So we got worried, and asked about this on a vet visit.

Oh boy did we find out that we were doing the potty training all wrong. Coco had become so used to doing his business only on the pee pad that he would hold it in if it wasn't the pad.

So I remember it was early morning on a Christmas day. We had just come back from the fore-mentioned vet visit the day before. We were told that we weren't properly potty training Coco. I was feeling guilty for being an uninformed dad. It was a rather cold morning, but I remember being outside with Coco for more than 4 hours until he couldn't hold it in any more, and for the first time, taking his glorious pee outdoors 😆

I know that was a pretty long lead-in. But from that point on we decided that we would potty train him properly, and I whipped together a PWA so we can keep track of when Coco takes a pee and poo.

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. With so much advancement in Web API, it's become possible to provide near mobile app experience by making a web app. It's a cross-device way of building an app, and I think it's awesome!

  1. You don't have to build the same app twice, one for web and one for mobile device
  2. You can save yourself from having to wrestle with getting your app submitted into an app store.

Here's a few screenshots of the app:

It's quite crude both in design and functionality because I just put together something simple for personal use. There are so many things I want to improve on, but it's been hard to find the time to do so. Albeit, rough around the edges, I'm putting it out there so some may find a use for it.

Dog Potty Tracker

When you open the link from a browser in your mobile device, it will likely pop up a message on the bottom of the screen "Add to Home screen". If you don't see the message then from the browser menu you will likely have an option to Add to Home screen. To be honest, I have only installed through Chrome, but pretty much all mobile browsers support PWA these days. So you should be able to install through any one of them.

How to Install PWA on your phone


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